Dan Quaile

Known for his dynamic performances in the independent film world, Daniel Quaile was born in Anchorage, Alaska and experienced a true American upbringing. The son of an Pacific-island immigrant and born-and-raised New Yorker, Dan moved to the mainland with his parents when he was two. A short time after moving, his parents parted ways. His father stayed in California and his mother moved to the midwest, where Dan resides now.

After high school, Dan made his debut in the world of fitness by becoming certified as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Although he found a great interest in personal health and fitness, he wasn't completely satisfied with this alone.

Out on his own, Dan found himself in the company of musician/artist roommates who inspired him to learn to write songs and play the guitar. He fell in love with performing and decided to try his hand in the acting world. Dan went on to take classes at the Brave New Workshop and dabbled in improv comedy. His training continued on to include beginning and intermediate acting, on-camera training, TV acting techniques, everyday and performance improvisation and commercial acting.

In the fall of 2007, Dan went off to an intense 3-week course in stunt peformance at the International Stunt School in Seattle, Washington. Upon completion, Dan returned to Minnesota to start putting his education to use. With roles such as Greg, one of the party-going friends of Rebecca, the unwitting daughter of a serial killer in the independent film "Unholy Reunion", a JC Film; and Juan Esteban, the studly latino hunk in "Tides of Love", a Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project, Dan shows his true colors as a very diverse, professional actor.