Jarrod Crooks

     Jarrod Crooks is a Wausau WI film director. He's been filming since the age of 12, first starting out by recreating classic stories such as 'Faust', 'The Man in the Iron Mask' and 'The Purloined Letter', he eventually began creating his own stories like 'Ice War' and 'The First Mission'. Crooks later added martial art fight scenes to his films which started with ‘Make my Day’ that would someday compare to some of Hollywood’s biggest actions stars.
      In 2006 Crooks Premiered ‘Deal With It’ to a sold out audience at Cedar Creek Cinema and is now ready after 3 years for his next feature film, ‘Thieves Like Us’. It was back in 2003 that Crooks first had the idea to do a thief movie, but the writing process would not take place until May of 2007 when he was acting in Ric McCloud’s Unholy Reunion. There he was able to network with a group of talented actors including Shannon McDonough, Dan Quaile, Ric McCloud and Phil Berbig who all have major roles in ‘Thieves Like Us’.
      When production began on Feburary 16th 2008 no one including Crooks would have thought it would take a year and a half to complete the project. But with all the fight scenes, schedule with all the actors and the wide range of locations it was shot at it’s surprising it didn’t take longer.
       Crooks couldn’t be happier with the outcome of ‘Thieves Like Us’ and can’t wait to show it to an audience.